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This course—Landing Pages—has a prerequisite: The Next Step.
OK. What’s the purpose of using AdWords? I think that an overriding goal for many organizations is to make sales. For a nonprofit, sales could include donations, connecting with volunteers, newsletter subscriptions, branding—and yes—even actual sales on your product page.
AdWords calls these “conversions.” You can put a snippet of code on your thank you reply note which allows AdWords to track how many people have signed up for your newsletter or provided a donation based upon an AdWords campaign—and specifically which AdWords ad did the trick. This really drills down and lets you see which of your ads are successfully accomplishing your goals.
A major part of this equation is the relationships between what your potential supporters are looking for in their Google searches, what keywords they’re using, what keywords support your AdWords ads—and how this all relates to the landing page that a specific ad sends a supporter to when they click on the ad.
Does the landing page specifically relate to the ad they clicked? Does it quickly, efficiently and effectively answer the question they were searching for? Do they have a good customer experience when they land on your landing page? Are there keywords on the landing page which relate specifically to the keywords supporting your ad?
I’m a proponent of a two-step landing page. A potential supporter who clicks on one of your ads lands on a tight, efficient, attractive landing page that follows a few best practices—and quickly provides them with what they were looking for. They can make a decision right then, and click on a “call to action” button that will allow them to give you a donation, request a volunteer position, or subscribe to your newsletter. Everything they need is right there in front of them without getting into too much detail that might distract them from the call to action.
This works great for people in a hurry, people with a mission they wish to fulfill, and decision-makers. It also works very well for people on mobile devices with small screens. This is how and why most of us buy things on the Internet. For example, search for a book on Amazon. You can read a little information, and you can “Look inside” without leaving behind the “add to cart” button. Then, you can buy it right then and there.
Also, a very tight landing page will make Google AdWords very happy. It will increase your quality score and ad rank causing Google to show your ad frequently. And, probably increase conversions because of a balanced equation between the keywords in the Internet search, your ad text, and landing page quality.
However, some very thoughtful supporters may wish for more information before making a decision. So at the bottom of your main Google AdWords triggered landing page you can simply put in a phrase something like “would you like more detailed information?” This will link them to a greater level of information where they can get most any question answered. They can quickly scan the information and develop a sense of trust about your organization—or they can look for an answer to a specific, burning question that they may have. It might be great, for example, that you have a food bank. But do you specifically have a program for housebound elderly people (their burning cause)?
So in this course we will look at developing a landing page template that dovetails with your AdWords campaign—and we will also look at developing a more detailed background page that will help your more thoughtful supporters commit.
This course is both for AdWords beginners who just completed course 2: The Next Step—and also for more advanced users who want to re-analyze their strategies and increase their successes. Be sure and look at the next course in this Nonprofit AdWords Training Program: Fine Tuning for Impact where you take your AdWords account to the next level.
Detailed Summary: Nonprofit AdWords Training 3: Landing Pages & Simple SEO for Your Website.
Week 1. Better understanding Landing Pages and SEO.
Week 2. Use potential supporters’ language in your AdWords ads and in your landing pages too. This is how supporters will find you. Are your keywords congruent with: Your new potential supporters’ search terms? Your webpage landing pages linked to from AdWords campaigns?
Week 3. Demystifying Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Week 4. Using keyword research in developing your landing page text.
Week 5. Twelve Steps in Producing the Perfect Landing Page for your Organization. Building a landing page template that you can use over and over again.
Week 6. Writing a detailed background information page template to support your Landing Pages.
Week 7. Cross checking search terms, ad keywords and landing page keywords. Are they congruent? Duplicates? Cost-effective long-tails. Organic keywords. Managing keywords.
Week 8. Launch your dovetailed newsletter/blog, AdWords ad, landing page, and detailed background information support page.
Week 9. Promotion and backlinks.
Week 10. Sitemaps for your website.
Bonus: 20 Resources to keep you up to date.

We understand what you need: The Center for Sustainable Development uses Google AdWords for nonprofits too!

This training program is not based upon lectures—it is based upon action. Each week’s activity comes with step-by-step instructions and editable templates for you to customize to best address your AdWords program. Course facilitators will work individually with you as consultants each week in developing your specific campaign.
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