2016 Non Profit Survey Results: Getting the Job Done

This important survey is about your use of simple techniques to help you manage your job more efficiently – and get more done.


The survey asked respondents to indicate which techniques listed in 7 core areas of their work could be the most helpful to them.
Here are the preliminary results: do you agree or disagree? We need YOUR input about which techniques are important to you.
3 Minutes Tops. If you haven’t already, please take the short survey. Simply check a few boxes.
Results: The greatest percentage of early respondents felt they needed the most help the following areas:
1. Marketing and communications:
  • clearly identifying who target donors are and what they’re looking for
  • clearly articulating what their organization does in a soundbite
  • increasing active online engagement with donors
2. Online donations and fundraising:
  • learning effective online fundraising techniques
  • developing website landing pages that quickly call donors to action
  • optimizing website so that potential donors find their organization first (SEO)
3. Grant development:
  • conducting needs assessments for determining specific, verifiable community need
  • learning to better develop programs/projects that are attractive to donors
  • learning how to better design monitoring and evaluation plans
4. Project management:
  • finding, managing and keeping volunteers
  • project monitoring and evaluation
  • project reporting
5. Technology: website development and management:
  • modernizing website to quickly call visitors to action
  • modernizing website to be mobile friendly for visitors with tablets and smart phones
6. Newsletters and mailing lists:
  • developing an effective email newsletter program
  • building their mailing lists by converting website visitors into new subscribers
  • collecting compelling stories for sharing with donors
7. Google AdWords grants for nonprofits:
  • learning how to get a $10,000 a month Google AdWords grant
  • learning how to optimize and manage their AdWords account to increase successes
The survey is anonymous. We will not collect your personal information-nor share it with anyone-nor will we contact you individually.
Nonprofit staff members discussing management strategies. We will be releasing a compilation and analysis of everyone’s great input in this month’s newsletter. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss the report.
We look forward to your insights!
Tim Magee

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