Getting the Job Done: 2017 Annual Survey of Nonprofit Pros

This important survey is about your use of simple techniques to help you manage your job more efficiently – and get more done.
Where do you need the most help at work? What more would you like to get done in your workday? We need your input!
2017: This is our survey’s fourth year. See last year’s survey results.
3 Minutes Tops: Please check a few boxes in our short survey.
The survey asks which techniques listed in these 7 core areas can be the most helpful to you:
  • Marketing and communications
  • Online donations & fundraising
  • Grant development
  • Project management
  • Technology: website development and management
  • Newsletters and growing mailing lists
  • Google AdWords grants for nonprofits
The survey is anonymous. We will not collect your personal information—nor share it with anyone—nor will we contact you individually.
Nonprofit staff members discussing management strategies. We will be releasing a compilation and analysis of everyone’s great input in next month’s newsletter. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss the report.
Thank you for participating in the survey. We look forward to your insights!
Tim Magee,
Executive Director

Thank you for giving us your feedback about your training ideas.
We have free, affordable, and custom training programs. Would you like:
Live, teacher led certificate courses:
Mentored training programs in:
We would love to hear more from you. Please feel free to Contact Us.
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