Make a Website the Right Way: Step 1 to Increase Donations

The Beginner’s Guide to Online Donations

Get Online Donations with Your Website, Newsletter & Social Media


Chapter 1: Make a Website the Right Way

Make a website for your nonprofit this week.

Learn How to Apply for a Google AdWords Grant.
The Beginner’s Guide to Online Donations. CSDi is offering a complimentary nonprofit book on online fundraising.
Boost your donations in 10 weeks:       Learn How to Apply for a Google AdWords for Nonprofits Grant.
Each of the 10 chapters include 3 step-by-step guides that lead you in setting up a modern website, launching a donor newsletter program and accepting online donations. See what the 30 guides include.
Read this week’s first chapter to see how the step-by-step process works and to get started right away:
Nonprofit web design training. Here’s a quick summary of what we cover in Chapter 1:
Modern Websites: Make a Website the Right Way
Do you need to develop a new web presence for your nonprofit? Or do you have a nonprofit website that needs an up-to-date facelift? Here is an training opportunity to participate in free website design for non profit organizations.
Free web design classes online. Today’s nonprofit websites need to be a tad more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. Now, website visitors are both mobile and in a hurry. To keep visitors happy and coming back, today’s list of website requirements need to include:
  • Mobile friendly design: Between 60% and 70% of people searching the Internet are using mobile phones and tablets.
  • Quick and easy navigation.
  • Simplified online donation and volunteer forms.
  • Information relevant to a visitor’s search.
Learn web design free online: 2 – 4 Hours to Set Up your New Website
This week we will show you the step-by-step process of how to create a modern website of your own in 2 to 4 hours.
What you will Do | Skills you will Learn
If you follow the step-by-step process, you can actually set up a new website this week-ready to receive text and photos described over the next two weeks in Chapters 2 & 3.
Websites for nonprofit organizations. To make a website from scratch you need three things:

  1. a website address: (domain name)
  2. a web hosting service
  3. a website building platform which gives you the tools to create beautiful new pages
Nonprofit Website Training: Making Tech Tools Accessible to Beginners.
This chapter is written for tech beginners who want to learn how to create a modern website for their nonprofits. All technical concepts are provided in easy to grasp, jargon-free language, one simple step at a time: Perfect!
So: Are you relatively new to working on websites?
Then: I have good news. Today’s website platforms all have simple points of entry for newbies: This chapter will show you how to access them: one step at a time.
Get Going!
If it seems like an exciting idea for you to create a website, then in Chapter 1 we provide the step-by-step instructions for the full site building process.
Read this week’s first chapter to see how the step-by-step process works and to get started right away:
Want to enjoy this chapter’s learning process with a teacher? See the online, teacher-led course behind this chapter.
Train & Consult with a Private Mentor:
Don’t forget that our most popular program begins monthly.
Mentored Certificate Programs Begin Soon.

  1. Nonprofit Marketing & Communications
  2. Nonprofit Fundraising
  3. Design, Fund and Manage Nonprofit Programs
Get free access to the Beginner’s Guide to Online Donations here. Each of the 10 chapters includes 3 individual, step-by-step guides to boosting online fundraising: 30 guides in total. See the syllabus.
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