OL 501: Nonprofit AdWords Training: Getting Started
Let us show you how to get a $10K/month Google AdWords advertising grant for your nonprofit.
Learn how to target donors, plan and write AdWords campaigns, and track your performance.
An 8 Week Online Certificate Course. Courses start the first week of each month. Learn more about program fees and how to enroll here:
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Were you aware that Google awards grants for their AdWords program to qualifying nonprofits? Over 20,000 nonprofit recipients to date; the majority of nonprofits that qualify are successful in getting the grant. The grant provides you an annual advertising budget worth $120,000.

These nonprofit Google grants are available both for US nonprofits and also for nonprofits from over 50 other countries too.

Learn AdWords Online. Our Nonprofit AdWords Training course shows you in a few short weeks how to apply for a Google AdWords Grant, research your target audience, develop your first effective advertising campaign and begin tracking your performance.
This course is both for AdWords beginners just getting started with their first campaigns—and also for more advanced users who want to re-analyze their strategies and increase their successes. Be sure and look at the next course in this Nonprofit AdWords Training Program: The Next Step where you take your AdWords account to the next level.
Detailed Summary: Nonprofit AdWords Training: Getting Started.
Week 1. Step-by-step: How to apply for the $10k/month AdWords advertising grant.
  • What is a Google AdWords Grant? $10,000.00 per month in AdWords advertising: Free.
  • Check your nonprofit’s eligibility: https://www.google.com/grants/eligibility/.
  • Apply to the Google for Nonprofits Program.
  • Apply to the Google AdWords Grant Program.
Week 2. Your Support Needs
First: Get specific about your goals for using AdWords. Do you want supporters that are donors, volunteers, subscribers? How many?
  • What are you hoping to achieve (brainstorm)?
  • Examples may include building your subscription list, volunteer engagement, driving people to your site, branding, social media development, or fundraising through online donations.
  • Articulate and prioritize your list of goals (donations, volunteers, subscribers?) in preparation for your first campaign. How many? How much? When?
Week 3. Who is your Non Profit Target Market?
Who are these new nonprofit supporters you are hoping to reach? What causes do they want to support?
  • Who are you hoping to reach in order to meet your AdWords goals?
  • Are they wealthy, needy, young, professional, retired?
  • What specifically are new supporters looking for?
  • Where are they? What groups might they be affiliated with that you can target?
  • Create a description of the type of person they are: We need a persona—or an avatar to visualize here!
Week 4. Your brand: Who are you?
What does your nonprofit do? Specifically, in a sound bite, let’s make this sound attractive to your new supporters.
  • What are your causes’ challenges?
  • What are your nonprofit’s solutions?
  • Who benefits—or what causes benefit?
  • Are your solutions enduring?
  • What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?
Week 5. The 21st Century Communication Secret: [Shhh… It’s all about them!]
Let supporters find you by using their own way of asking. Listen carefully to what they want—and how they say it. This is known as the “Voice of the Customer” (VOC).
“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela
  • What specifically are your potential supporters looking for?
  • Why are they looking?
  • Where and how do they look for finding a nonprofit to support?
  • Specifically, how do they ask for what they’re looking for?
  • How do they articulate it? What words, what phrases?
  • This VOC will be your most effective ad text and keywords.
  • How can your nonprofit’s ‘sound bites’ be edited to address what they are asking for?
Week 6. Create your first AdWords advertising campaign.
  • Learn how to organize files of campaigns.
  • Learn how many words/characters are allowed in each section of an ad.
  • Create your first campaign name.
  • Create your first ad group name.
  • Write your first example ad using targeted keywords from last week’s assignment.
Week 7. Landing Pages. Connect the key word dots. Refine your first ad. First, refresh your memory of what you did in week five:
  • Identified targeted keywords: What keywords did you find that potential new supporters might use in a blog comment? That were on your own web site? That your competitors used?
  • What keywords did your potential customers use in their Internet searches (VOC)?
Use supporters’ language not just in your campaigns, but in your landing pages too. Then, supporters will find you. Are your keywords congruent with:
  • Your new potential supporters’ search terms?
  • Your ad group’s background keywords)?
  • The words that you used in the ad itself?
  • Your webpage landing pages linked to from your AdWords ads?
  • Does your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) match what your customers ask for (VOC).
  • After carefully checking the validity of your keywords, refine your first ad.
  • Make sure to place similar keywords in your landing page.
Week 8. Let Google’s magic take over: post your first AdWords Campaign to your new account, and watch it grow.
  • Write and post a second ad to see which of the two performs best.
  • Copy and paste your new campaign information into your AdWords account.
  • Learn to navigate your campaign’s statistics.
  • Track your performance over the first week and see what is and is not working.

We understand what you need: The Center for Sustainable Development uses Google AdWords for nonprofits too!

This training program is not based upon lectures—it is based upon action. Each week’s activity comes with step-by-step instructions and editable templates for you to customize to best address your AdWords program. Course facilitators will work individually with you as consultants each week in developing your specific campaign.
We look forward to working with you online. We have provided training to people in 153 countries.
Be sure and look at summary of the second course in this Nonprofit AdWords Training Program: The Next Step where you use as a stepping-stone what you have developed in this course and take it to the next level.

Nonprofit AdWords Training Fees
This 8-week course is $150.00. There are no other costs nor books to buy: all course materials, editable templates, and guides are downloaded from the course site.

How to Enroll. Simply pay the course fee and fill out the Student Enrollment Form by clicking the Enroll Now button just below.
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Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate. Earn a full Diploma by taking all four AdWords courses:

OL 501 Nonprofit AdWords Training 1: Getting Started

OL 502 Nonprofit AdWords Training 2: The Next Step

OL 503 Nonprofit AdWords Training 3: Landing Pages

OL 504 Nonprofit AdWords Training 4: Fine Tuning for Impact

Learn more about Certificates and Diplomas.