OL 601 How to Build a New Website for Your Nonprofit

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Building a Nonprofit Website

Today’s websites need to be a little more sophisticated than even a few years ago.
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How to Create a Website
Do you need to develop a new web presence for your nonprofit? Or do you currently have a nonprofit website that needs an up-to-date facelift?
Today’s nonprofit websites need to be a tad more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. Now, website visitors are both mobile and in a hurry. To keep visitors happy and coming back, today’s list of website requirements need to include:
  • Mobile Friendly. Between 60% and 70% of people searching the Internet are using mobile devices rather than desktop computers.
  • Quick and Easy Navigation. You want your visitors to have an enjoyable and successful experience when visiting your site.
  • Simplified Online Donation and Volunteer Forms. You need to be strongly positioned for receiving online donations.
  • Landing Pages Relevant to a Visitor’s Search. The page that a website visitor lands on needs to quickly let them:
    1.) know what the page is about,
    2.) know if it is the right page for their interests, and
    3.) see a strong call to action.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your pages need to include keywords that your visitors are using for their search terms.
The purpose of this course is to show you how to quickly and easily build a website from scratch.
For those of you with new nonprofits—you may simply need to create a website. For those of you with a happening nonprofit, a small shop, and a website designed by volunteer 10 years ago—your website may need updating updating with modern features.
Building a new website or modernizing an older site may feel daunting to do your own, or expensive to subcontract. That’s where this guide is going to help you.
Although this guide has been written for beginners, many of the exciting ideas presented will also be helpful to seasoned website managers.
In this course, we will show you the step-by-step process of how to create a website of your own . If you follow the detailed steps in this process, you can actually wind up with a new website by the end of the course.
To create a website from scratch you need three things:
  1. a website address: www.yournonprofit.org (domain name)
  2. a web hosting service that stores your website’s data and connects your site to the Internet so that people can find you
  3. a website building platform which gives you the tools to create beautiful new pages
Getting Started
This course will be focused on the getting a site up and running so you get right to work! Here is what is in store for you: 12 approachable steps over 8 weeks.
Week One: General Introduction and Overview of the Course.
1.1. Decision One: Choosing a website host and registering your website address.
1.2. Decision Two: WWW: Weebly, Wix, or WordPress? Choosing a platform.
1.3. Decision Three: Selecting an attractive website theme with modern features.
Each of the following 7 weeks will focus on one task which you will be able to accomplish in just one-to-three hours. This step-by-step approach will allow you to set up a website without over-taxing your job or personal life. Different people have different levels of comfort with these steps – so I recommend taking them slowly so that everyone can be successful each week.
Week 2.
2. Registering a new Domain Name.
Week 3.
3. Signing up for a shared hosting service.
Week 4.
4. Connecting your new domain to the hosting service.
Week 5.
5. Installing WordPress onto your hosting service.
Week 6.
6. Choosing a Theme for your website
Week 7.
7. Creating a Child Theme
Week 8.
8. Day one at your new site: Navigating backstage: what design tools are available on your platform?
  1. logging in
  2. opening your dashboard
  3. opening up a finished page
  4. opening up a finished page for editing
  5. seeing where your photos are
  6. seeing where your blog posts are
  7. seeing your pages in Tree View
  8. learning about your webpage’s theme
  9. learning where to go to customize different elements with your theme
  10. menus, widgets, columns and sidebars
  11. seeing what plug-ins your webpage is using
9. Important basics: quick and easy navigation—and mobile phone friendly too.
10. Organizing your initial pages: keep the structure simple—but plan for growth.
11. Set the Google SEO search stage: Make including these ultra simple search magnets in your initial pages a habit now.
12. How to find answers from the WordPress community to WordPress questions you may have. The section also includes a set of links to the best online resources that we found for WordPress.
Nonprofit Technology Training Fees
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