Nonprofit Training Catalogue

Become the Solution
  1. Empower people in your communities to change their lives,
  2. Become your nonprofit’s go-to solution for community challenges,
  3. Use time saving techniques for getting everything done,
  4. Boost donor communications and donations, and
  5. Build skill sets & visibility for a new job or promotion.
Do you want to take a class—or do you want to accomplish something and learn by doing?
CSDi’s experiential learning is very hands-on. We provide support, guidance and coaching for you during the weekly assignments—the results of which you incorporate into your job and your programs.
200 Organizations. We have had the pleasure of working with participants in our nonprofit training programs from over 200 nonprofit organizations in North America, Britain, Europe and Australia.

Current offering dates are in the column to the right. To learn more and to enroll, simply click on the links below.

Choose a program from one of four different venues that’s best for you.
  • Distance Learning courses that are fully facilitated by a CSDi staff person. They will answer your questions and will respond to each weekly assignment with suggestions, ideas, and encouragement.
  • Live Workshops on a host of topics. Choose a workshop from our schedule—or host a workshop in your offices for your staff.
  • Blended Training programs. You will spend spend three weeks collecting field data, and then attend a five day live workshop where you will develop a full project complete with donor presentation materials and project management documents. Then, you will return home for three months and work with your community to launch the project.
  • In-depth, one-on-one Mentored Training programs. These six-month programs are tailored to a goal prioritized by your nonprofit. Choose from Nonprofit Fundraising, Nonprofit Marketing and Communications or Nonprofit Management: Project Design, Project Funding ? Project Management
  • 100 Day Private Coaching Program programs. Tailored to a goal prioritized by your nonprofit. You can focus on Project Design & Funding or Nonprofit Communications or

The training programs are fully customized for each participant. You work on your own course project within your area of expertise. To date, participant project activities have focused on over 270 different types of challenges.

Distance Learning Courses.
OL 240 Diploma Program: Four, Eight Week Certificate Courses in Designing and Funding Nonprofit Programs.
OL 201: Designing & Funding Non Profit Programs—From the Ground Up
OL 202: Designing & Funding Non Profit Programs—Planning for Impact
OL 203: Designing & Funding Non Profit Programs—The Community Focus
OL 204: Designing & Funding Non Profit Programs—Sustainable Implementation
Website Technology Programs. Choose between 1 of 2 programs:
1. Let our web design team create an effective website for your nonprofit.
2. Learn how to build a website yourself for your nonprofit from scratch.
A Certificate Program of 4, 8-Week, Online Courses:
OL 601: How to Build a New Website for Your Nonprofit
OL 602: Maintaining and Growing Your New WordPress Website
OL 603: Landing Pages & Simple SEO for Your Website
OL 604: Mailing Lists and Email Newsletters
Have you thought about how a short video showcasing your nonprofit can attract donors? For beginners who want to produce a video that is 80% of a professional video. We show you how to shoot a call-to-action video designed to get clicks on donate, volunteer & subscribe!
Mentored and Coaching Programs
Six Month Mentored Program in Nonprofit Fundraising.
Six Month Mentored Program in Nonprofit Marketing and Communications.
100 Day Private Coaching Program in Project Design & Funding.
  1. Nonprofit Marketing and Communications
  2. Online Donations & Fundraising
  3. Grant Development
  4. Program/Project Management
  5. Nonprofit Internet & Technology
Blended Online/Live Workshop Training Programs. Four Months.
Diploma OL 240B: How to Design, Fund and Manage Nonprofit Programs
These blended training programs are also in the these two specializations: Adaptation to Climate Change and in International Development.
Nonprofit Electives:
OL 341: Adaptation to Climate Change
OL 333: Climate Smart Agriculture
OL 307: Food Security and Home Gardens
OL 332: Water Conservation and Management
OL 345: Disaster Risk Reduction
OL 101: Designing & Funding International Development Projects

What can you do with these programs?

  • Develop a brand-new program from scratch in response to a donor request for a proposal
  • Help a new staff member launch a new project and get it on track
  • Get a current project with challenges back on track

Who are these training programs for? They are perfect for you if you are a:

  • Nonprofit staff member wishing to sharpen their nonprofit skills
  • Consultant
  • Project manager
  • Students in a nonprofit program
  • Executive Director
  • Staff person looking for a new nonprofit job
  • Individual considering a career change into the nonprofit world
Please free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about dates and how our training programs can increase your program impact.