Online Workshops: One-On-One Mentored Nonprofit Certificate Programs

Become the Expert: Raise More Money and Do More Good.

Choose from these Five Nonprofit Certificate Online Workshops:

Train & Consult with a Private Mentor. The mentored nonprofit certificate programs provide cutting-edge information, time-saving templates, training and expert consultancy, and lead you in working—during the training—on real course projects for your organization.
The step by step process. These mentored programs are not based upon lectures: they are based upon action. The programs are designed in a progression where each weekly module represents one sequential step in developing the project you have chosen to focus on in the program. Each assignment has real tools for you to download, print out, edit, and use as templates over and over again in launching future initiatives.
200 Organizations. We have had the pleasure of working with participants in our nonprofit training programs from over 200 nonprofit organizations in North America, Britain and Europe.
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Great Communication =
New Donations + Increased Services
In this mentored, nonprofit certificate program, you will focus on launching a winning, targeted, marketing and communications program for your supporters—whether they are donors, volunteers, corporate sponsors or your programs’ clients.
Design a Project to Generate Donations & Impact
We will work together to customize this program for you and your nonprofit’s programs. We will 1) research who your potential donors are, 2) assemble background information on your program to instill donor confidence, and 3) package the information in the presentation format that will be best received by your donor profile.
Excellent Project Design and Communication =
Funding + Impact
In this coaching program we will work together, one on one for 100 days, on a project of your choice—exactly as we do with a consulting client.
We take a non profit challenge you have identified—and work together for 100 days to solve it. We start off by clearly describing need—and then develop project design and funding support documents, research donor possibilities, and then develop the project management tools to launch the project.
Designing and Funding Nonprofit Projects
Would your organization like to learn how to increase efficiencies and impact in their programs? This four-month certificate program will provide a system of building block activities for you to use on the ground in developing and implementing successful nonprofit programs. The techniques illustrated in this training course use a step-by-step progression to lead participants through problem assessment, project design and implementation. You will then package your project for enhancing donor communications.
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