We need your vote on the best nonprofit groups, tools and resources

We need your vote on 2017’s best nonprofit online resources

Where do you go to exchange ideas and look for resources?


Cast your vote for the best nonprofit tools, groups and resources. We want to know your favorite sites where you go to exchange ideas, seek answers, or look for resources you can use to enhance your job.

Then, in April, learn which tools and resources your nonprofit colleagues use to get ahead. We will share the top 12 that you and your colleagues pick – in our April newsletter.
1 minute tops! We want YOUR ideas for 2017’s best nonprofit online resources.
Examples could be (but not limited to!):
  • online groups where people exchange ideas
  • social media groups or pages
  • websites that offer resources and tools
  • websites that offer lists of opportunities on training, webinars, online learning
  • inspirational nonprofit blogs
  • nonprofit networks
  • state or county nonprofit associations
  • sites that connect nonprofits to supporters and volunteers
Simply enter your favorites below and we will post the top 12 in our April Newsletter. You only need to enter one – but if you have additional favorites let us know!

Thank you for participating!
Tim Magee
Executive Director
Tim Magee is the author of the Beginner’s Guide to Online Donations

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