2019 All Access Training Pass

Save $200—Buy a 2019 All Access Training Pass By January 8

All Access Pass to 12 Courses:
Choose between two dozen nonprofit courses and enroll in any 12 of them.

Mix & Match Individual Courses with Teacher-Led Certificate Programs
Normally, courses are $150 each: 12 courses = $1,800. So at $499 the All Access Pass represents a $1,300 savings.
Save 2 ways:
  • Save $1,300 on training courses with this $499, 12 month All Access Pass.
  • Save $200 on the 2019 pass itself. $499 now – or – $699 January 8.
What do you get with the 2019 pass: two ways to take our courses. Choose between two dozen nonprofit training courses and enroll in any 12.
1. Audit up to 12, 2-month courses. That’s 2 at a time for six 2-month sessions.
  • This allows you to enroll in and audit any 12 of our two dozen courses. You’ll be in the same course, and be able to access the same course materials as a regular paying student.
  • Courses that you audit are not teacher supported.
Or: Mix & Match Audited Courses with Teacher-Led Certificate Programs for a Total of 12:
With the Annual All Access Pass you can enroll in a mix of any 8 audited courses + 1 teacher-led 4-course Certificate program for a total of 12 courses. So choose 8 courses to audit and combine them with a 4-course, teacher supported Certificate program from the list below.
2. Take any one of six teacher-led Certificate programs-and receive a Certificate!
  1. You can take 2 courses simultaneously
  2. Courses in a series [101, 102… etc.] are taken one after the other.
  3. You have 8 weeks to complete each course
What you will save in the $499 sale:
  • You will save $1,300 in course fees for the 12 individual courses.
  • Plus…. you will save $200 on the regularly priced All Access Pass through January 10.

Two simple steps and you’re in!

How to sign up for the 2019 All Access Training Pass for $499 and save $200.
It’s easy: There are only two things to do: pay the fee below and fill out the Student Enrollment Form at the bottom of this page.
To pay by debit or credit card simply select your course from the drop-down menu just below and fill in your nationality. Click “Add to Cart”. You can add more than one course to your cart.
Don’t worry: PayPal membership is not required. To pay with your own card just click on:
  1. Add to Cart
  2. Checkout
  3. Don’t have a PayPal account?
  4. Pay with a debit or credit card. Fill out the normal credit card form.

Save $200 in December

We look forward to working with you in 2019.
Tim Magee
*How to Mix & Match 12 Courses
Take 2 courses at a time. Each course is two months long and there are six course sessions during 2019—allowing you to enroll in 12 courses of your choice. For example, if you enroll in a four course, teacher-supported certificate, then you can also audit eight courses. Many of the courses should be taken sequentially for you to get the greatest benefit. Each course has a 2-month time limit.
This All Access Training Pass is for our distance learning training courses. Live workshops and the mentoring and coaching programs are not included in the All Access Training Pass.